Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pat Robertson: Don't You Dare Sell Any Voodoo Doll Key Chains!

I was watching CBN's "The 700 Club" again on YouTube to see what topics got discussed on the program's daily Bring It On segment. Co-host Wendy Griffith shared the following question from a viewer named Bev: "I am a 60-year-old widow. I lost my beloved 47-year-old husband to cancer in November of 2012. Afterwards, the only job I was able to get was a part-time job at a local store. Recently the store introduced Voodoo Doll Key Chains -- 'each with its own special powers.' I thought about refusing to wait on a customer who was purchasing them and just ask a coworker to do it, but I do need the job. Any suggestions? Am I just making a big deal out of nothing?"

I would have told her that she was just making a big deal out of nothing. These are stupid toys. She should be more concerned about the negative longterm effects that this fad toy and its packaging does to the environment instead of fearing that these are actual voodoo dolls with special powers.

But she didn't ask me.

Here is Pat's response:
No, you're not (making a big deal out of nothing). Y'know, God can give you a new job. There are many jobs. There are many people looking for good employees. People who are intelligent and hard-working and loyal and all the rest of it. 

You don't have to put up with that. You don't want to give your heart over to voodoo or magic arts. If they're doing a voodoo doll, the next thing you know they'll be having little dollies that you put pins in and bring down curses on them. You never know what's next. Why should you have to do that? 

God can give you a job. I know it will be painful, but God can give you a job. Hone your skills before you jump. Make sure you have everything in order. And possibly you can line up a job before you quit that one.
You can listen to the whole segment here.

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