Thursday, February 4, 2016

Phoenix City Council Nixes Public Prayers Before Meetings to Avoid Satanist Prayer

This is rich! The Phoenix City Council has insisted on having public prayers kick off each of its meetings for years. Recently, a Satanist group requested the right to offer their own prayer before the City Council. And the Phoenix City Council couldn't say no. Because they've permitted this practice forever and they're technically not allowed to favor one faith over another.

So now this tradition of public prayer has been nixed in order to prevent the public inclusion of a non-preferred religion:
The Phoenix City Council has voted to replace a long-standing tradition of praying before its meetings with a moment of silence. The move prevents a Satanist group from offering a prayer at the Council's meeting in a couple weeks. 
This reminds me of conservative Christians who fought for years to protect the institution of marriage from same-sex couples. And now that gay couples can get legally married, they want to get rid of marriage licenses altogether!

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