Sunday, February 7, 2016

Riverdale Podcast Returns to Fan Podcast Status!

I've been a fan of The Riverdale Podcast for a long time -- and even appeared on it from time to time. Jonathan's podcast became the Official Archie Comics Podcast back in November 2014, which was pretty cool!

I became aware of some gossip last week from Jonathan himself that he officially announced this weekend: The Riverdale Podcast is back to being a fan podcast and is not officially connected to Archie Comics anymore.

There are reasons for this switch back to how things began. But switching back to fan podcast status ultimately gives him more freedom about how to run his podcast.

It's easier to justify discussions of comic books from past decades instead of new releases. He can more critically discuss news events involving Archie Comics. He can more easily justify interviews with creators who are no longer associated with the company. And it will be easier to invite fans onto the podcast as guests.

Jonathan has created a Patreon account for fans to contribute money towards the program:
My name is Jonathan. I host and produce The Riverdale Podcast, a weekly audio show devoted to Archie Comics. For the last four years I've released a new episode every week and I plan to continue that for the foreseeable future. What I'm looking for from patrons is your support in keeping the show rolling. Your pledges do two important things; first they help me to prioritize the show. Money coming in for the podcast means that I'll spend less time chasing money elsewhere and more time making the show! Second, it makes me accountable to you. Your investment in the show means that you believe in what I'm doing and that encourages me to continue to make the best show every week. 
Three patrons have already pledged to the campaign and assisted him with meeting his first Milestone Goal ($30 per month) towards Hosting Fees.

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