Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Genesis of Dark Jem! OR Seven Great Reasons to Enjoy JEM AND THE HOLGRAMS #11!

Fans of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAM's original artist, Sophie Campbell, were excited to see her return to this wonderful comic book series with issue #11. This is new storyline, titled "Dark Jem," prepares the readership for the upcoming Misfits/Holograms joint band tour. Of course, everything is topsy-turvy following Pizzazz's recent car accident and fractured larynx. We've been wondering for weeks whether or not the Misfits' leader can possibly recover in time for their upcoming concert.

We get a pretty good answer in JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #11 -- and I don't think that Pizzazz will be terribly pleased with the answer!

Anyway, here are seven great reasons to enjoy JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #11!

1. Environmental Awareness! The Misfits are torn over their desire to tour and their dedication to injured band leader, Pizzazz. But the Holograms are just biding time until the musical fun begins! How better to spend a hot January afternoon than a pool party? The big question is whether or not the girls will let Kimber invite her secret girlfriend, Stormer, to the festivities?

2. Breach of Contract: The Misfits pushed back against Five By Five's corporate plan to replace Pizzazz. Of course, that was before they were reminded that they would have been in violation of their contract! This puts Stormer, Roxy, and Jetta in the awkward position of interviewing Pizzazz's replacement! Ouch!!

3. Malfunction!! Techrat attempted to hack into the Holograms' sentient computer, Synergy, back in JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #9 and made a startling discovery. Something is terribly wrong with the Holograms' computer network!!

There have been hints for several issues, but Synergy's major malfunction took center stage in this issue! It's unclear if she's truly aware of what she's doing or if she's truly malicious, but Synergy demonstrated some personality-altering sonic abilities in this issue -- and the first target of her new musical talents is Jerrica Benton AKA Jem!

4. Siblings Dating Siblings -- But Not in an Incesty Way!! We already knew that Kimber is dating Stormer and that Aja is dating Craig. But we learned in this story that Stormer and Craig are sister and brother!! (Which I should have realized since I was a fan of the 80s cartoon series and Craig made appearance as Stormer's brother and Aja's love-interest in a handful of episodes!!) And of course, Kimber and Aja are sisters!! So we have siblings dating siblings in JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS!!

(humor me...)

5. But If Craig's From the Cartoon, What About Cute Bartender Tony??: Once I realized that Craig used to be in the cartoon, I got to wondering about Shana's new bartender boyfriend, Tony. Cartoon Shana dated a guy named Anthony Julian. He bears no resemblance to Cute Bartender Tony, outside of being black, having the same first name (sort of), and an interest in Shana. Which is good enough for me!!

6. The New Face of the Misfits?? The Misfits sat through a lot of auditions for the Misfits' new lead singer. As Eric Raymond put it, "They're not great." But then Blaze bursts onto the stage and I cannot help wondering if we've met the Misfits' new lead?

7. Dark Jerrica?? Check out Jerrica's new look! This is the first obvious sign of where we're heading with "Dark Jem." I can only imagine what Synergy's music has done to her personality? And what's stopping our favorite sentient hologram from playing her song for the rest of the Holograms??

I noticed that we will be treated to a JEM AND THE HOLGRAMS VALENTINES DAY special tomorrow. I wonder if we'll be seeing Dark Jem and the Darker Holograms make their debut in this new special or if this new book with be a stand alone adventure? I guess we'll find out very soon!

"Dark Jem, Part One" is written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Sophie Campbell, story by Thompson & Campbell, colors by M. Victoria Robado, and lettering by Shawn Lee.

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