Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vegas Gets a Girlfriend in ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #266!

Fans of Archie Comics' Pet Posse/Power Pets were treated this week to a mini-reunion of sorts in ARCHIE JUMBO COMICS DIGEST #266! Not every member of our mostly four-legged crew showed up -- but most of the best members showed up. I'm talking about Vegas and Runty and Caramel, along with a newer dog who likely won't appear again named Priya!

They make their appearance in the comic book digest's brand-new lead story, titled "Lucky Dog." It features writing by Tom DeFalco,  pencils by Pat & Tim Kennedy, inks by Jim Amash, letters by Jack Morelli, and colors by Glenn Whitmore.

Can I just pause for a second to gush yet again about the Kennedy brothers' artwork?? I cannot believe how much I hated their work when they first appeared in LIFE WITH ARCHIE and now I can't get enough of it!! Plus, Vegas appears with that adorable hat for a second time. I really need something like that for my Nero!!

Back to the story...

Archie is back to his own tricks in this short story. He's trained Vegas to wrap his leash around pretty young women, following up with a "Please forgive my dog Vegas! He has a thing for pretty girls!" He schedules a date with the hapless girl and then trips up the next girl who crosses their path!

Of course, Archie is stupid enough to stack up his new dates too closely to each other, allowing them to get wise to his caddish tricks!

But not before he meets up with Maya and her cute lapdog, Priya! Vegas quickly falls in love for this furry female. Of course, she appreciates that Vegas hasn't decided to squeeze her in between two or three other doggy dates and reciprocates his affection!

Archie and Maya are so fixated on each other -- and Archie's other three dates -- that they fail to notice when the dogs take off for the nearby forest. Unfortunately, it's right before a big blizzard and the people become understandably freaked out over their missing mutts!

The rest of the story is split between the dogs' romantic date and Archie and Maya bonding while scouring the countryside for the lovebirds -- err... lovedogs! Dont' those two make an adorable pair???

"Lucky Dog" is a great short story, featuring beautiful art and wonderful characterizations. But if doggy tales aren't your thing, definitely pick up this jumbo digest for a huge assortment of classic reprints featuring Archie, Reggie, Archie's Dad, and Little Archie!

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