Sunday, February 28, 2016

Will Kitty Ravencraft Get Killed by her Publisher? Find Out in Astro Comix's Fantastic First Issue of DIE KITTY DIE! #1

Remember DIE KITTY DIE!, the creator-owned comic book series created by Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz and successfully funded on Kickstarter? Those of us who funded this project were sent links to Astro Comix's first digital copy of DIE KITTY DIE! this afternoon -- and it is so much fun!!

Here is the concept. Kitty Ravencraft is a shape-shifting witch who can transform into a cat. Kitty Comics publishes a series of Kitty-related comic book and they used to be some of the most popular comics around, including spin-offs like "It's Kitty," "L'il Kitty," "Kitty Fashion Parade," and "Kitty's Guys & Ghouls."

But today's comic book market ain't what it used to be. Kitty's comic book sales have tanked and now Kitty Comics wants to reboot her comic book with a hot new creative team and the ultimate gimmick. They want to kill of the real life Kitty Ravencraft! Not only will her death cause a spike in her sales, but it will allow to stop paying her royalties for her comic books!

Of course, that poses the question: How do you kill a witch? It turns out that Kitty isn't the only comic book character with a real life counterpart. I'm assuming that Kitty Comics will pluck Kitty's would-be assassins from their inventory of characters!

DIE KITTY DIE! #1 has a great balance of cartoony humor, adult suggestiveness, and blatant homages to Archie Comics and Harvey Comics. The final page promises boatloads of magical hijincks in issue #2 -- and I really can't wait!

You can purchase your own copy of DIE KITTY DIE! #1 (assuming you didn't participate in last year's Kickstarter campaign) by following this link and getting your own story! Eventually, there will be print copies of this comic book available to readers too.

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