Tuesday, March 8, 2016

700+ Pound Social Worker Featured in Recent Episode of "My 600-lb Life"

You know that I'm into "My 600-lb Life" on TLC, right? I watch it most Wednesday evenings while at the gym. I was checking out YouTube and noticed a clip from last week's episode. This was a sad story featuring a woman named Teretha who was stuck in bed and dependent on her son and son's girlfriend for all of her self-care needs. She knew that she was at least 600 pounds and figured that she was probably a bit more than that. By this point in the program, she'd been confined to her home for over two years.

The sad part is that she was a social worker working for Detroit's public health department who taught the public about healthy eating habits. She said that she would do her job and then binge on fried foods. She had always been large, but at least she was active. Eventually, her local government ran into financial troubles and she was laid off. She sunk into a deep depression and pretty much surrendered to food.

She decided to relocate with her husband from Michigan to Texas so that she could go to the clinic where all of these stories take place. The problem is that she was so big by the beginning of this program that she had to be carried out by nine very strong men!

It was very embarrasing for Teretha. And the drive was extremely painful for her too!

When they finally weighed her, they discovered that Teretha was nearly 750 pounds! They always realized that she was eating way too much food and was taking medicines that were completely unhealthy for her! They kept her in the hospital for two months and limited her to an 800 calorie diet. She ended up losing close to 200 pounds during those two months alone!

Unfortunately, I had to run off to work so I missed the final third of the program. I'm assuming that she continued to lose weight and eventually began to walk again -- but that's not necessarily guaranteed on this program. I'll have to catch it during the reruns!

Check out a preview clip of Teretha's painful exit from her family home here.

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