Saturday, March 5, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner: I Want to Adopt a Baby!

Here is something that I don't think I've ever written about on this blog: I'm not a fan of the Kardashian family. I've never watched any of their reality TV shows, nor have I watched any of the spin-offs. Including Caitlyn Jenner's "I Am Cait." I've never watched a clip of their program. I generally tune out whenever their names are mentioned on television.

That said, I'm aware of Bruce Jenner's transition into Caitlyn Jenner. I'm aware that she was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of another person. I'm aware that she is generally treated with kid's gloves by the media. I'm aware that she is a privileged trans woman who actively supports politicians who generally work to disenfranchise LGBT people. And I'm aware that she's delusional enough to believe that Ted Cruz would ever permit her to become his "trans ambassador" if elected president.

I was at the store and stumbled upon the latest issue of In Touch magazine. Can you believe that she wants to adopt a baby at age 66? From the March 14, 2016, print version of In Touch:
Now Caitlyn will finally get to hear someone call her "Mom."

"She is going to adopt and is leaning toward a little boy," an insider exclusively reveals in In Touch, adding that the controversial reality star isn't planning to do it alone. Caitlyn wants to raise a child with the help of gal pal Candis Cayne, 44, the beautiful blond transgender actress who's appeared on Caitlyn's reality show I Am Cait. "Caitlyn and Candis have thought about adopting an older child because there are a lot of trans kids whose parents have turned away, or who have run away from home. But the ideal scenario is a baby," adds the insider. "Being a mom is Caitlyn's dream."
Ex-wife Kris Jenner and their various adult children and step-children reportedly think this is a joke. According to the article, they think Caitlyn is trolling for ratings for her flailing reality TV show. They think she is too old to be a parent. And Caitlyn's sons have noted in the past that she was a poor father for them.

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