Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Celebrate Social Work Month!

Did you know that March is Social Work Month? Me neither! But then I saw this meme and realized that it must be true. So I posted it on my Facebook page and joked that this would likely result in the creation of some new assessment or form.

Anyway, I began digging around and found various pages devoted to Social Work Month. I particularly enjoyed this one list, created by the North Carolina Chapter of the NASW, titled "20 Ways to Promote Social Work Month."

Check out these suggestions:
1. Give the NASW Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice to an employer. 
2. Lead a coalition through work, school, or in the community. 
3. Become a mentor for a social work student. 
4. Submit a newspaper op - ed highlighting a social work topic. 
5. Update a Wikipedia entry on a social work topic. 
6. Coordinate a community assistance project. 
7. Inform a local news outlet about a social work event or issue. 
8. Ask a coalition to circulate a social work publication to its members. 
9. Register your social work private practice in an online directory, such as Help Starts Here . 
10. Attend a NASW - NC Local Program Unit (LPU) meeting. 
11. Join a NASW - NC Practice Area Network (PAN) listserv. 
12. Lend books written by social workers to friends and family. 
13. Post a comment or story to Social Workers Speak. 
14. Start a social work blog. 
15. Watch a TED Talk by a social work speaker. 
16. Disseminate information about a social work institute or study. 
17. Post info about Social Work Month to your profile on social media. 
18. Share social work stories with your online network. 
19. Host a film screening on a social work topic or issue. 
20. Present about social work at a local school’s career day. 
I'm working on #2. I will be doing #15 later this week or next for a work-related project. I've already done #17. I occasionally do #18. I likely won't do #1, #10, #11, or #13.

How about you?

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