Monday, March 7, 2016

Iowa City: Man Fined $65 for Throwing Tomatoes at Donald Trump

Remember back in January when Donald Trump came to speak in Iowa City and somebody got arrested for throwing a tomato at him? That person was a 28-year-old man named Andrew Alemao. That man was charged with disorderly conduct and faced a fine of up to $625 or 30 days in jail if convicted.

Alemao pleaded guilty Monday to the disorderly conduct charge. But it turns out that that his punishment isn't too severe. He has to pay a $65 fine:
Andrew Alemao, who is accused of throwing two tomatoes at Donald Trump in January, has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and will pay a $65 fine. Alemao had been arrested by University of Iowa Police and United States Secret Service at a rally for Trump, the businessman and Republican presidential candidate, at the UI Field House on Jan. 26 after officials observed him throwing two tomatoes at the candidate...

Alemao and his attorney had previously planned to take the case to trial. Under a plea agreement struck Monday Alemao will pay a $65 fine and the state will not pursue assault charges related to the incident, court documents show.
At a later Trump rally in Cedar Rapids, IA, Trump told his supporters to "knock the crap" out of anybody that they saw holding tomatoes.

Updated: Mr. Alemao posted a statement on Facebook:
Today I signed a plea bargain at the courthouse that results in me being sentenced to a fine of a mere $65 with no possibility of jail time or additional charges brought. I'd like to thank my girlfriend Alex Courtney for starting a gofundme for me before I was even released from jail the next morning, my attorney Al Smith for working out a plea bargain so unreal I'd have been stupid not to take it, everyone who donated to the gofundme or provided moral support (which you might not believe is a currency I value AT LEAST as much as money). I'd also like to thank the Trump supporters around me who had the opportunity to kick my ass but for some reason or another missed it or didn't take it, as well as the University Police and Secret Service who managed to non-verbally convey that they thought the whole incident was amusing without betraying their professional duties to ensure that I was not a violent terrorist. Last but not least (ok, least, but that doesn't matter), I'd like to thank Donald J. Trump for bringing his adorable baby hands to Iowa City to deliver a speech in a charismatic manner that only a quasi-fascist billionaire can. Lastly, I'd like to remind everyone that it isn't legal to tell your supporters to beat up protesters and if they do it on command, Donny is liable to face charges too. Have a dope ass day, and remember: 



Anonymous said...

One look at that face and you know he's living with his parents, unemployed, and a big Sanders supporter.

Jon said...

I'm pretty sure one of those assumptions is true. But not necessarily the others.