Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meet Blaze: The Misfits' New Trans Lead Singer!

I'm such a terrible "Jem & the Holograms" fan. My copy of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #12 has been lying beside my bed for weeks. I finally read my copy last night and I am so very psyched!!!

First off, this is the second chapter in the "Dark Jem" storyline. Essentially, something is wrong with Synergy, the Holograms' sentient super-computer. I'm not even certain that she knows this. But she created some music last issue, which she shared with Jem's alter ego, Jerrica Benton. The result is some form of personality-altering transformation into Dark Jem (and Dark Jerrica). Not only that, but this effect is also transmitted by Synergy's music. All of this means that the all four of the Holograms have now transformed into dark versions of their old selves -- just before the launch of their new concert tour!!

That's all pretty cool, but the real fun in the book these days is happening over with the Holograms' rival band, the Misfits. Lead singer Pizzazz was seriously injured in a car accident back in issue #9. This resulted in a fractured larynx. Which resulted in her being booted from the group by the Misfits' corporate overlords at Five By Five.

This resulted in a series of auditions for Pizzazz's replacement. The choices were pretty bad -- until Blaze stepped into the studio. We've met her a few times in the past. She has social connections to the Holograms. She's also the cousin to Clash, the Misfits' gofer.

Turns out that she's a major Misfits fan and an excellent singer! She's offered the lead singer gig on the spot, which forces her to clear the air before making her final decision. She wants the Misfits to know something private about herself -- something that could result in her being chased from the room depending on the audience.

Blaze is a trans woman.

To their credit, the remaining Misfits -- Stormer, Roxy, and Jetta -- really don't care. They love her sound and love her!

Back in the 1980s cartoon, the Misfits were always so over-the-top with the crazy antics. They did anything and everything to make everyone around them miserable. And certainly, the comic book version of the band has their own moments. But even their worst behavior was instigated by Clash.

This version of the Misfits has a reputation for being a bunch of bad girls, but they're really a bunch of artists who are trying to do the best for themselves and their fans. And they're very loyal to each other and to those that they let into their inner circle (except for Clash). I really like them a lot.

Welcome to the Misfits, Blaze!

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Carrie Kube said...

Now knowing that Blaze is a trans woman, it brings a new spin when re-reading the earlier issues with her in it. Anyway, I'm enjoying these overviews and hope to see more.