Monday, March 14, 2016

Northern Iowa Residents React to "Suicidal Deer" Highway Sign

I don't make it up to Michell County, IA, too often. It's just out of my way when I travel north to visit friends and family. But if I did travel through Mitchell County, I would see a highway sign on Highway 105 just outside of St. Ansgar that reads: "Watch For Suicidal Deer: Next 2 Miles."

The Mitchell County Board of Supervisors approved the sign. They didn't intend to upset anyone, but instead wanted to grab the attention of drivers. For those who don't live around here, deer jump unpredictably jump in front of vehicles. So you need to be mindful.

As I implied above, some who live near the "Suicidal Deer" highway sign are concerned that this sign is joking at the expense of those who've killed themselves:
The signs along Iowa Highway 105 sit near Sally Hertel's land. She says she found the deer sign a little insensitive. But Becky Dodson, who also lives near the sign, says she thought it was funny.
I'm not sure how I feel about this. I understand the desire to be mindful of those who've lost friends and family members to suicide. On the other hand, I'm all about reminding drivers to remain mindful of deer.

What do you think?

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