Saturday, March 5, 2016

Riverdale Podcast Hits Its 4th Anniversary!!

It's hard to believe, but Jonathan Merrifield has been producing the Riverdale Podcast every week for four years! Jonathan posted Riverdale Podcast #209 earlier this morning. This particular episode is longer than normal -- nearly one hour long -- and it features a special guest host: ME!

That's right! Jonathan and I got together earlier this week and recorded an AMA-style podcast. Fans of his podcast sent in several questions, ranging from "How did you get into podcasting?" to "Who's your favorite Archie Comics character?" to "Where is AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE?" to "Why did you stop producing podcasts for Archie Comics?" to "What kind of music do you prefer?" And lots of other questions also!!

You really need to check out this weekend's Riverdale Podcast #209 to hear all of the fun!!

Plus you get to hear which classic Archie Comics character that I would love to appear in the Relanched Archieverse! (Hint: Bubbles McBounce!!)

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