Saturday, March 19, 2016


I've written several times about Charlton Neo, which is a resurrection of the classic Charlton Comics lines; as well as Pix-C Web Comics, which features public domain characters from Charlton Comics as well as a few other original characters. Pix-C Web Comics features strips from a variety of genres, including superhero, horror, action, and humor romance.

I recently began reading through one of the original Pix-C Web Comics strips that I had previously overlooked in favor of the other more traditional strips. This web comic is visually different that most comics. Instead of using artwork, this comic was a photo comic. I'm talking about SADISTIK!

SADISTIK started originally back in 1966 as an Italian photo comic called KILLING. This violent Italian photo comic experienced a popular 62 issue run and was eventually published in France (where it was eventually banned), Turkey, and Argentina.  There were even some unauthorized films produced featuring this character and his exploits. Pix-C Web Comics' SADISTIK is the first English translation featuring this character.

So, I hear you cry out. Who is Sadistik? He is the King of Crime. He is the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal. He is the Monster with a 1000 Masks. Sadistik and his beautiful companion Dana are ruthless sadists who will not stop at torture or murder to accomplish their thieving exploits! Among their arsenal are advanced weapons and sophisticated disguises.

SADISTIK has been around since Pix-C Web Comics began. He and Dana have hatched a murdering scheme to rob a cachet of highly valuable gold coins from the vaults at Prince Sedor's villa. Unfortunately, the successful completion of their mission is jeopardized by the interference of rivaling gangsters, competing villains, and Communist agents! And don't forget about Police Inspector Grant -- who's doggedly committed to halting Sadistik's criminal exploits!

You too can get caught up with Sadistik's sadistic adventures -- not to mention Yang, No Name, Tuffy Turtle, N.E.O., Kid Montana, the All-American Victory Legion, Skyman, The Knightingales, Deathwatch, The Spookman, Ms. Molecule, and several other great characters, by becoming a patron of Pix-C Web Comics. Those who become patrons (for as little as $1 per month) gain access to several weekly online comic strips. The more you pledge, the more perks you qualify for. I've been contributing $30 per month towards this venture. I encourage to you to become a patron too!

Incidentally,  you can now read older Pix-C Web Comics on this Free website -- including Sadistik's earliest adventures. Becoming a Pix-C Web Comics patron will give you advanced access to new Pix-C stories that are not readily available to those who access the Free website, so definitely make your pledge today!