Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Archie Comics to Publish LIFE WITH KEVIN Digital Mini-Series in June 2016

The Advocate reported this morning that Archie Comics will be publishing a digital only comic book featuring gay character Kevin Keller, titled LIFE WITH KEVIN, in June 2016. The comments in this article assert that LWK will be a four-issue mini-series. LWK will feature story and art by Dan Parent, with inks by J. Bone.

LWK will focus on Kevin's life after he's exited high school and traveled to New York for college. Look forward to some familiar faces, as well as some new love interests:
It appears Kevin has a new supporting cast. What can you tell us about them?
We have a couple new potential boyfriends for Kevin, as you can see, plus we have Shrill, who has been seen in the regular pages of Archie before. And of course there's Veronica, the only major Archie character to appear in this series. As Kevin's BFF, she's a natural in this storyline.

Would you call this a more “mature” series than Kevin’s previous comic book?
It's more mature since we can deal with more serious subject matter, but the book is a comedy book first, and I want humor to be the most important element.
Archie Comics recently dropped it's "classic" art style as a result of its relaunch. More recently, classic Archie Comics artists like Fernando Ruiz have been let go from the company and have been told that people aren't interested in their work. So if you like classic Archie style and if you like titles featuring stories and artwork by longer-running creators like Dan Parent, then I would encourage you to download every single copy of LIFE WITH KEVIN!

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