Monday, April 11, 2016

Coon Rapids, MN: Prank Caller Tricks Burger King Employees Into Smashing All Windows in the Restaurant

So... A prank caller called the Burger King in Coon Rapids, MN, late last week. The prankster claimed that they were calling from the fire department and that the restaurant was filling up with gas and that the employees needed to relieve the pressure before the building exploded. So the restaurant manager and the employees smashed all of the windows on the ground floor of the building:
"Officers arrived and found that the manager and employees of the Burger King were smashing out the windows," Sgt. Rick Boone told the Star Tribune. "The manager explained they'd received a phone call from a male who identified himself as a fireman who said there were dangerous levels of gas in the building and they had to break out all the windows to keep the building from blowing up."

Boone said there was no immediate cost estimate for the damage. The restaurant was boarded up Saturday, and investigators were trying to identify the caller.
Subsequent reports indicate that the employees ended up causing $35,000 in damage.

I guess it never occurred to the manager to open the door or the drive-thru window or anything like that...

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