Saturday, April 2, 2016

Have You Milked Your Hens Today?

Perhaps you were watching WKBT out of La Crosse, WI, yesterday. Or maybe you just saw this video. But the morning crew played a trick on one of their own yesterday for April Fools Day.

Keep in mind that I really hate April Fools Day. I hate it when people post fake news stories. I hate it when people play tricks on each other. I just hate the whole thing.

But this was pretty cute.

There was a segment during their morning news program where they aired a segment on a little-known aspect of raising chickens: Milking them.

The clip features a woman describing her job on the family farm. She talks about raising the chicken and how difficult it is to find the udders:
First thing, you have to find the udders. They're a little hard to find sometimes. Just make sure not to pull the feathers. They don't like that! And there's definitely an art to it. 

Once the milk starts flowing, it's easy from there. It doesn't all come out at once. Sometimes there's a little left. So if you just give them a little squeeze, you can get the last few drops. They don't hold as much as a cow. But they like being milked. 'Cuz sometimes they get full. And that's where the eggs come in. You can't milk them 24/7. So overnight they lay eggs.
The pranked newscaster looked confused once the segment ended and said, "I learned something new today."

That's when everyone started laughing at him and reminded the audience that you do not milk chickens!

You can watch the entire clip here.

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