Thursday, April 28, 2016

Iowa City Man Charged With Animal Neglect After Leaving 62 Ducks in an Abandoned U-Haul Van

A 69-year old Iowa City man has been charged with animal neglect after police officers discovered 62 ducks in an abandoned U-Haul van in the old Hy-Vee parking lot on North Dodge Street. The were alerted to the U-Haul due to a strong, foul-smelling odor. The ducks were in stacked cages and were covered in feces.

19 of the ducks were dead before authorities arrived. The surviving ducks were taken to the Iowa City Animal Shelter, where they are being cared for. One of the remaining ducks has died since arriving at the shelter:
"It was probably some of the most horrible conditions I've ever seen and you know, even though they're just ducks and they're livestock, they're still living beings," (Iowa City Animal Services Supervisor Liz Ford) says. A veterinarian examined each one. Now the survivors are divided into six dog kennels by how well they're recovering.
According to the news, the U-Haul van was towed by the police and the man responsible for it went to the police department seeking information about its whereabouts, as well as the location of the ducks.

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