Friday, April 8, 2016

Superwoman = Lois Lane?

I haven't read any DC Comics comic books in many years. I got tired of the reboots, so quit trying to keep up back in the 1990s even though some titles have looked interesting. There is some new thing called "Rebirth" that's starting sometime in the near future. I have no clue what it's about, but it will result in new titles such as NEW SUPERMAN and SUPERWOMAN.

Speaking of Superwoman, it looks like she has a familiar secret identity and it's Lois Lane:
The Superwoman series by writer/artist Phil Jimenez and co-artist Emanuala Lupacchino was announced last month as part of Rebirth, but the publisher specified at the time it would star a "new character," and hasn't named the character since. But the publisher has just added a colored version of the penciled image (originally released during WonderCon) to their official website as part of their Emerald City Comicon coverage, and the filename identifies the image as "Lois."
The Newsarama article reveals that there are about five or six Lois Lanes running around these days, so I have no clue which Lois will become Superwoman -- if any.

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