Thursday, April 7, 2016


I read through ARCHIE #7 last night. This continued from the previous issue where Reggie spilled the beans and told Mr. Lodge that Archie was the one who accidentally destroyed his mansion back in ARCHIE #2. The result? Veronica is banned from interacting with Archie. And Reggie has been hired by Mr. Lodge as some sort of consultant.

Pop Tate drops some advice on Archie's lap. What kind of useful information can someone like Reggie Mantle provide to someone like Mr. Lodge?

Archie infiltrates the local newspaper (which is headed by Mr. Mantle) and discovers that there is some sort of dirt affecting Reggie that's being covered up by his father. Unfortunately, he's too much of a good guy to dig up the dirt on Reggie.

That doesn't stop Pop from pulling Reggie aside. He noted that it was interesting that Mr. Lodge would hire someone like Reggie Mantle. "Maybe that's because he hasn't heard about.*mumble mumble mumble*...

We readers aren't privy to Pop Tate's secret knowledge. But it's enough for Reggie to quit his consultant position on the spot. Which makes Archie happy.

But Archie Comics wants to know: #WhatDidReggieDo that was serious enough that he wanted to keep from Mr. Lodge?

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