Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why Does Marvel Comics Hate Jubilee?

So Marvel Comics began publishing a comic book called X-MEN '92, based off the X-Men teams from the early 90s. It's got nice art. Classic characters. And the potential to play around with character and concepts from that time period. Basically, it's a fun romp and I had high hopes for it.

And then they brought back the stupid vampires...

A few years ago, Marvel Comics thought that it would be fun to have a war between its mutant characters and vampires. In the course of this storyline, they took one of my favorite characters -- Jubilee, who'd already been kicked to the curb and de-powered as a result of Scarlet Witch's "decimation" spell -- got turned into a vampire.

I hated it then. I still hate it.

A year or two later, a character named Legion warped reality and created the "Age of X." Some characters -- such as Chamber -- went through a status quo transformation when things went back to normal. I'd hoped that Jubilee would no longer be a vampire after "Age of X," but no dice.

So I was excited when X-MEN '92 started up and included young Jubilee with her colorful firecracker powers. And then X-MEN '92 #2 got published last week and Jubilee became the victim of some super-soldier vampire from Russia named Alpha Red. Which resulted in her death and resurrection as a frickin' vampire!! Again.

Why does Marvel Comics hate Jubilee??

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Lara PrudĂȘncio said...

I understand your pain. I guess Marvel likes ruining the childhood of x-men fans. So sad, I can't still believe it.