Wednesday, May 25, 2016

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #9: All Kneel Before Hot Dog, King of the Dead!

It's been just over a year since the previous issue was published, but I'm currently holding a fresh copy of AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #9 in my hands! It's a great issue. I'm not sure that it's worth waiting a year between each issue, but it's still a great issue.

I have a new computer at my home. As a result, I haven't yet figured out how to get my printer to scan stuff and forward it to my new computer. As a result, I had to take a picture of one key page from AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #9.

Here's the set-up... Reggie is on his own and being approached by a horde of the undead. The strange thing is that none of them will touch him.

They instead passed by him until he reaches "ground-zero of the contagion." Reggie assumes that the King of the Zombies is Jughead.

But Jughead steps aside and reveals...
The Dog of Doom.

I kneel before it... Hot Dog, now Anubis, the Jackal, the God of Death...
I was right. 26 months ago, I was right.

I predicted back in March 2014 that Zombie Hot Dog is the King of the Dead.

Hot Dog was the first of the infected. He is the one who spawned the apocalypse (not Juggie). The zombies all make strange, gurgling noises. Just like a growl. And we saw a scene where Zombie Fred Andrews tracked Archie and his mother through his sense of smell.

I was right. Zombie Hot Dog is the King of the Dead and I'm pretty excited about that moment of insight!

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