Monday, May 16, 2016

Danbury, CT: Short-Haired Woman Mistaken for Trans Woman & Verbally Confronted by Culture Warrior in Walmart Bathroom

A young woman from Danbury, CT, recently posted a video on Facebook about an encounter with a hostile woman at Walmart. 22-year-old Aimee Toms was washing her hands in the public restroom when another woman approached her and told her "You're disgusting!" and "You don't belong here!"

Toms recently donated her hair to a charity that makes natural wigs for child cancer patients, so she has a short pixie cut. She was also wearing a baseball cap. Toms quickly realized that the stranger assumed that she is a trans woman for some reason -- though she's obviously a cisgender woman to me:
“I get it. The short hair. The baseball cap. I was wearing a plain blue T-shirt. She saw me from the back,” Toms said. But “... at the sake of sounding blunt, I’m not a flat-chested person. I have got something going on up here.”
Toms did not report the incident to Walmart's management. She didn't know exactly where the woman was and didn't know what they could do to remedy the situation in the first place.

But this is yet another example of people freaking out and accosting women who are obviously not transgender because they (the freakers) are reacting with transphobic fear responses instead of using their heads and assessing the situation.

And frankly, let's imagine that Aimee Toms was actually a trans woman. What exactly was she doing in the bathroom that was so disgusting? I mean, she was practicing good hygiene!

You can watch Toms' video here.

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