Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oxford, Alabama Rescinds Recently Passed Anti-Trans Ordinance

Remember last month when the City of Oxford, Al, passed an ordinance that rebuked Target for having a trans-inclusive bathroom policy, while also making it illegal for trans people to use the public restroom that corresponds with their gender identities? Offenders would face $500 fines or six months in jail.

Oxford received a lot of negative attention. Plus, the City Attorney opined that the ordinance as written might violate federal Title IX provisions. So they just voted to get rid of their anti-trans ordinance:
The Oxford City Council today voted 3-2 to rescind its controversial public restroom ordinance, a little more than a week after it was passed. Council members Charlotte Hubbard, Phil Gardner and Mike Henderson voted to rescind the ordinance, while Council President Steven Waits and Councilman Chris Spurlin voted to keep it. The council was able to reconsider the ordinance, Hubbard said, because it had not yet been signed by Mayor Leon Smith, who is ill.
Keep in mind that city counselors are already talking about passing a new ordinance that's even more anti-trans, according to this article.

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