Thursday, May 12, 2016

Possible Gay Character in "Zootopia"

I haven't seen "Zootopia," but it's on my list. I just learned of one more reason to give this cartoon a chance. It seems that there was a gay-married pair in the movie. Or presumed gay-married pair in the movie. There are no visible wedding rings, but they argue like a married couple and they have the same hyphenated last name (according to the credits).

It's possible that they're brothers, but someone on Reddit pointed out that they aren't the same species, so unless there was an adoption that's unlikely:
They're two different species. One is an Oryx and one is a Kudu. That makes it unlikely they're biologically related.
It seems like there's another likely gay character in "Zootopia" named Clawhauser. He's a police dispatcher and "is portrayed as camp and effeminate."

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