Sunday, May 15, 2016

Vote Lodge in ARCHIE #8!

I picked up my copy of ARCHIE #8 today, which was a lot of fun! We finally found out why the Lodge family relocated to Riverdale USA: Hiram Lodge wants a community that's small enough for him to take over. He wants to become Riverdale's new mayor, and plans to use this achievement as a stepping stone towards bigger and better political schemes!

And Veronica is pissed!

She hates Riverdale. She hates Riverdale High School. She hates the other teens and students. She hates the lack of sophisticated culture.

But she likes Archie.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lodge hates Archie Andrews! So he hatched an underhanded scheme to get Archie away from Veronica: He offered Mr. Andrews -- Mr. "cash-strapped-barely-paying-the-bills" Andrews -- a high-paying job in Singapore!

Archie is in a pickle! He wants to stay in Riverdale with Veronica and Jughead and Betty and the others, but he can't tell his father the truth. He can't tell his father that his dream-job was only offered to him in order to separate the lovebird teens! How can he fight back without hurting his father?

Find out in ARCHIE #8, which features words by Mark Waid, art by Veronica Fish, coloring by Andre Szymanowicz & Jen Vaughn, and lettering by Jack Morelli.

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