Thursday, May 12, 2016

Waterloo, IA: Graffiti on Synagogue Being Investigated as Hate Crime

Police are investigating a possible hate crime at a synagogue in Waterloo, IA. This happened at Sons of Jacob Synagogue sometime Tuesday evening. Somebody painted "Jesus Saves" and two crosses on the side of the building:
Leaders in the Jewish community are understandably upset by what they call a clear disrespect of their beliefs. "Jesus saves" is a phrase that, in many cases, wouldn't offend most people, but it becomes offensive when the phrase is spray painted on a Jewish Synagogue.

"It is interesting. People are upset. They are very upset. At the same time, as Jews, we know it could have been so much worse. They could have painted swastikas on our building; they didn't," said Sons of Jacob Synagogue Leader Erin Maidan. 

Although not vicious, Police say the graffiti does classify as a hate crime.
Police also found a purple crossed spray-painted on the back of a nearby stop sign.

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