Friday, May 20, 2016

Welcome to the Family, Chevy!!

You may remember that Ms. Lion, our pekepoo, died last September following a brief illness. We toyed with getting another dog, but decided to wait until after Christmas. Then we began looking at Iowa-based rescue groups for poodles and Pekingeses, but struggled to find any that seemed like good fits for our homes. So we took another break from our search. Then we noticed that Nero seemed droopy around the house and began thinking that he missed having another dog at home. So I put out a round of unsuccessful applications for dogs.

Then earlier this week, I noticed an image of a small poodle at a dog rescue called Second Chance Dog Rescue. I reached out and found that the dog was available for adoption. I submitted my application.

One day later, our application was approved. Then Husband Mark and I traveled to Prole, IA, earlier today and met our new family member: Chevy!

Chevy is 4-years-old and weighs about 9 pounds. He's shy, but increasingly curious about his new home and family. He must not have walked on a leash in the past, but he's getting pretty confident about walking with his new harness. Lastly, he and Nero have met and are cautiously getting to know each other. No fights yet!

Welcome to Iowa City, Chevy! We're excited to fold you into the family!

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