Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Check Out Kevin Keller's Latest Misadventures in LIFE WITH KEVIN #1!

The day has come. LIFE WITH KEVIN #1 -- featuring the adventures of twentysomething Kevin Keller -- has finally made its debut. LIFE WITH KEVIN isn't your typical comic book. You cannot find it at your local comic book store. You cannot find it at the book store. You can only purchase this title digitally.

I have my own problems with digital-only comic books. I don't mind digitally produced comic books. I just believe that they take away some of the spontaneity of getting a new comic book. It assumes that you like and enjoy Kevin Keller. There is little opportunity for me to discover this character as a new fan.

But I guess that this story will eventually be compiled in a print trade paperback. So that should allow for more tradition comic book readers.

LIFE WITH KEVIN features Kevin Keller on the evening before his first job. He's done with high school and he's graduated from college. He has his own vermin-infested apartment in New York City. And he's about to start his new production assistant/copy editor job at NYC-TV! Basically, he's a glorified gofer!

His first day goes about as well as you can expect for an Archie comic book! Kevin oversleeps. He gets doused with water. He rips his clothing while biking to work. He finds himself running the errands that nobody else wants to do. And he ends up making a fool of himself on national TV!

Meanwhile, we meet his new neighbor Chris -- a handsome young man who may or may not be interested in Kevin. He learn about an ex-boyfriend named Michael who will surely create drama for our star. And Kevin finds himself with a new roommate -- a newly poor Veronica Lodge, whose daddy cut her off financially. And why wouldn't you move to New York City when you have zero pennies to your name?

LIFE WITH KEVIN is "classic Archie." Artistically, it's clear that this is a continuation of Archie Comics' old line of comics. So this is a great opportunity for those who prefer to the "classic Archie" style to show the publisher that there is still an interest in their non-relaunch titles.

Also, this is the first of four issues. This is not an ongoing title. But it's a fun mini-series with promise for more adult adventures featuring Kevin Keller. Don't get me wrong. This isn't "Looking" or "Queer As Folk." But it's easier for Archie Comics to get behind romantic misadventures of their most famous gay character now that he's in his 20s than when he was in his teens!

"You're Gonna Make It After All! (Maybe)" features script, pencils, and colors by Dan Parent plus inks by J. Bone and letters by Jack Morelli.


Erin Begley said...

I did purchase it on the Archie app, I couldn't find it at the google play store. But it was worth it. It's a cute comic. But who is Michael? Wasn't Kevin's ex from High School named Devon. They should had put his name in the comic. I wonder how they would draw him?

Jon said...

I'm assuming that Michael is someone from Kevin's college years. I'm also wondering if he's the red head from this cover: