Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gay Marriage in the USA -- 06/22/16

Marriage equality went national last summer. Not surprisingly, we've now seen a 33% increase in same-sex marriages since June 2015:
The latest estimates from Gallup released Wednesday show there are about 981,000 adults who are in gay or lesbian marriages, up from 734,000 a year ago. That translates into nearly a half million such marriages — an increase of 123,000 since June 2015.

Nearly one in 10 LGBT adults are married to a member of the same sex, up from 8% last year. That includes 10.5% of gay men and 8.8% of lesbians.

And nearly half of all LGBT couples who live together are married today, up from 38% a year ago. The increase has been slightly greater in states that did not have same-sex marriage until the Supreme Court ruled.
It seems that most of those thirty-three percenters got married within months of the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision.

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