Friday, June 17, 2016

Iowa City's LGBT Community Gathers for All Ages LGBTQ Prom & Health Care!

Speaking of prom, Husband Mark and I attended last night's LGBTQ Prom & Health Fair -- though I didn't dance and I had to leave in the middle of things to do some work-related tasks!

This was an all ages prom -- with special invitation to those aged 50 and older! One of my online friends asked if it was truly "all ages." I told her that not all ages were represented, but that I saw people in their teens and twenties all the way up into their sixties and even one in his seventies and one in her nineties!

A reporter from KCRG was present and they managed to get an article posted by 10:00 PM last night. They focused a lot on the mass shooting in Orlando on the newscast, but I didn't hear anyone discuss Orlando during my time at the dance.

Here is what the LGBTQ Prom was really about:
The Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center, University of Iowa School of Social Work, Aging Studies Program and Just Living: A Social Justice Theme Semester hosted an LGBTQ Senior Prom on Thursday night. It was an event filled with dancing, lights, and music. 

The dance served as... a chance for older members of the LGBTQ community to experience something they may have missed when they were younger, according to organizer Jefri Palermo. 

"At least when I was coming up, if you were gay, you were closeted or you didn't go to prom," Palermo told us. "You weren't allowed to unless you were closeted or went with a straight person."
Husband Mark estimated that about 70 ended up attending the event.

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