Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mount Union, IA: City Government Votes to Disincorporate

I read a new story about the community of Mount Union, IA, that voted this past Tuesday evening to disincorporate. This is a community of 107 people.

News reports indicate that this decision follows "failed lawsuits filed by the city against an organization that built and operates the city's sewer system." I found a clearer explanation on Facebook about how we got to this point:
It wasn't just sewers. DNR says residents must bring old septic tanks up to date or else face thousands of $ in fines. To the rescue comes RUSS,rural utilities,sewer system or some big name. Put in new sewers, replace house lines,low hook up fees,,,but now monthly payment averaging $100 month or so. Residents are mostly elderly with limited income.before long city is in default for not collecting fees...RUSS sues ,city is broke, can't fix roads,mow ditches,remove snow, pay its own bills. Has no choice but to dissolve. Sadly after liquidation of a dump truck,tractor,city building,,,the sewer bill will still have to be paid.
This decision can be reversed if enough residents sign a petition requesting a special election. Otherwise, state officials will need to work with the government of Henry County to resolve Mount Union's debts and sell of the city's assets.

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