Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Muscatine, IA: Sheriff's Office Report Mysterious "Men in Black" Along County Highways

The Muscatine County Sheriff's Office reported that they have received numerous reports of mysterious "Men in Black" near Muscatine, IA, in the recent past:
We have had several reports of "men dressed in black" entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County. We don't have any new information about these people, but we have also seen several posts on Facebook about the same type of activity. It would be extremely helpful to the Sheriff's Office, if you witness this type of activity, that you call 911 immediately. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Weeding through Facebook comments, this appears to be about people "wearing black with hoodies and jumping out of the ditches" on Highway 22. Other reports say "They are on foot jumping out of ditches as you are driving past them and then they have more people up the road waiting and they'll jump out as you drive by and watch you." Other people report that these men in black have appeared in people's yards and driveways.

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