Wednesday, June 8, 2016

O Face Co-Owner Matthew Overmyer (Featured on "Bar Rescue") Arrested & Charged with Sexual Assault // UPDATED Below

(Originally written on 02/09/16): Remember the one time when Spike TV's "Bar Rescue" visited Iowa? Jon Taffer and his group went to the O Face Bar in Council Bluffs, IA, and -- for the first time in "Bar Rescue" history -- left the bar without rescuing it! (See here, here, here, here, and here for more info and related fallout). Two years later, O Face's owner is back in the news for something really, really bad!

Matthew Overmyer (age 35), owner of O Face Bar, was arrested late last week and charged with 2nd degree sexual abuse and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse:
The alleged abuse took place at a home in the 2300 block of Old Lincoln Highway in Crescent. Overmyer allegedly attacked an adult woman, who works at O Face Bar, at midnight Tuesday. According to the arrest affidavit, Overmyer reportedly used physical force, including choking, to have sex with the victim twice. The victim called several people after the alleged attack, and one source reportedly told Pottawattamie County criminal investigators that Overmyer tried to re-enter the room after the victim locked him out. The assault allegedly took place while Overmyer’s wife was out of town.
According to the Omaha World-Herald, Overmyer plans to plead not guilty to these charges and his attorney expects that the charges will eventually be dismissed.

If convicted, Overmyer faces up to 25 years in prison.

Updated on 06/08/16: It's June 2016 while I'm writing this update. Someone in the comments section asked for an update. I dig some digging and this is what I found.

Back in late March, the Omaha World-Herald New Service reported that his attorney filed court documents on 03/18/16 saying that Overmyer planned to rely on a "defense of intoxication." It was also reported that his trial date had been scheduled for May 10th.

I then checked Iowa Courts Online and that May trial date has ultimately been pushed back to the morning of July 26, 2016. It also looks like this will be a jury trial.

Beyond that, not much more has been reported. I will do my best to keep updated with this case.


peace10 said...

Serves himself right.

Nahima said...

Any updates?

Jon said...

Not a whole lot of updates here. I found some info and will do an update in a sec with what we have.

Unknown said...

This couple is disgusting and a total waste of Taffer's time. You fire a guy for doing his job and "not being at his post". Finally I get why this couple got so mad at syck for not being at the post all night, with syck checking on the safety of the guests in the bar Matt couldn't rape his employees at ease. Futhermore, you messed up fat Barbie I am so glad I was not your employee I probably would have shoved that freaking bell down your throat the first time you rang it at me which coinsidentaly would have either earned me $10 more an hour or get me raped depending on if Matt had his balls in his pants or in the jar in your purse. Matt I'm sorry dude you looked like a pussy sticking of for someone who obviously had no respect for you. This couple deserves everything they have coming to them and the cop out of pleading insanity because you were drunk doesn't fly just makes you look like more of a wuss.

VeronykaLynne said...

This rescue was a total waste of Taffer's time. This couple is disgusting and Matthew totally got what he deserves. I have never gotten worked up about a Bar Rescue episode before but this couple was totally rude, redneck, gutter trash. I guess I get why they were so mad at syck for not being at the door all night syck was probably patrolling the bar which made it very hard for Matthew to be the sick disgusting rapist he is. I'm so happy that I never worked for Karen because if I did I probably would shoved that bell down her throat the minute she started ringing it, which would have either made me $10 more an hour or got me thrown out depending on where Matthews balls were at the time whether they be in his pants or in a jar and Karen purse. Matthew you look like a pussy standing up for somebody who very clearly tore you down over and over again but then again you are a white trash ghetto boy who needs to rape people and the cop out of you were drunk makes you look like more of a wuss.

Donnie Ray said...

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hmm bet shes has body odor.
i wonder whats shes doing now ? wonder if anyone took that bell and stuck it up her fat ass