Friday, July 22, 2016

Details/Cast Images Released for "Young Hyacinth," Prequel for BBC's "Keeping Up With Appearances"

"Young Hyacinth": Rose, Daisy, Daddy, Hyacinth, and Violet
One of my favorite Britcoms is "Keeping Up With Appearances." It's the story of social climbing snob Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "Bouquet") and her hapless husband Richard. The show aired in the early 90s, but has re-aired on various public television stations here in the states continuously over the past two decades.

We learned last year that the BBC was rebooting several of their classic Britcoms and that one of those reboots is "Keeping Up With Appearances." We finally learned some details about this reboot, which is titled "Young Hyacinth":
In the new show, set in the late 1950s, young Hyacinth shares a cramped cottage with her down-at-heel family and is forced to work as a maid for her father’s wartime RAF squadron leader. And, in very un-Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) fashion, she even has to share a bed with her sisters Violet, Daisy and Rose. While Hyacinth has yet to meet Richard, her long-suffering husband played by Clive Swift in the original series, she is going steady with a young man called William.
"Young Hyacinth" will start as a one-time special on the BBC. It will air sometime in September 2016.

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