Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fayette County, IA: Man Placed Under House Arrest So County Won't Have to Pay for His HIV Medications

Ismael Alfaro has been in jail since May. The 34-year-old man from Hampton, IA, was arrested this spring after being accused of meeting a "younger than 18" girl online and then arranging a sexual liaison with her at a hotel in a nearby community. He has faces two felony charges: criminal transmission of HIV and third-degree sexual abuse.

He remained in jail after his bond was set at $50,000 cash only. A probation and parole officer with the Iowa Department of Correctional Services recommended that the courts do everything possible to keep Alfaro in jail until his trial, which is scheduled to begin on 07/27/16. He has been called a "danger to the community."

But the Assistant Fayette County Attorney petitioned the courts last month to waive forget about Alfaro's cash bond and to place the man under house arrest. Because Fayette County doesn't want to pay for Alfaro's HIV meds:
According to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, Ismael Alfaro, 34, is under house arrest in Franklin County and wearing an ankle bracelet monitored by Fayette County Jail staff around the clock. He also receives periodic in-home and phone checks...

But Assistant Fayette County Attorney Nathan Lein about a month later asked the court to place Alfaro under house arrest. 

According to Lein’s motion, Alfaro’s HIV medication costs $3,000 a month. Under home detention, Alfaro, not the county, will pay for his medication.
I don't know how much of a risk Alfaro truly is. I do know that he's innocent until proven guilty. But I think that it's sad that Fayette County made this decision to release him from jail in order to avoid paying for his HIV meds. And it makes me worry for his medical health if he ends up spending eventually spending time in prison.

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