Thursday, July 28, 2016

Iowa City: Hillary Clinton and Cookie Monster Win the 2016 Johnson County Fair Mock Election!

I'm positive that you have been sitting impatiently to hear the results of the mock election at this summer's Johnson County Fair here in Iowa City. A record number of mock voters (1686 total) were asked to vote in two separate mock elections.

Adult voters were asked to vote for their preferred presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton won with an impressive 854 votes, followed by Donald Trump with 411 votes, Gary Johnson with 135 votes, and Jill Stein with 92 votes. I'm not terribly surprised that Clinton won here in Johnson County, but I am surprised that Trump didn't get as many votes. I'm also surprised that Stein didn't do better here in Iowa City!

Child voters were asked to vote for their favorite muppets. Cookie Monster won with 326 votes, followed by Miss Piggy with 247 votes, Kermit the Frog with 235 votes, Grover with 62 votes, and Gonzo with 33 votes. I guess there were more muppets to vote for, but the newspaper didn't list those candidates.

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