Sunday, July 24, 2016

KICI Radio 105.3 FM Hosted Successful Benefit & Donor Appreciation Concert!

I have written before about KICI Radio 105.3 FM. It's a new low-power FM radio station that will be debuting in Iowa City later this year. It's a community radio station that is a project of Uptown Bill's Coffee House and the Extend the Dream Foundation. It is dependent on the donations and sponsorships of others. I'm actively involved with getting KICI Radio on the air -- and I can't wait to begin actively producing content for the local radio audience.

Anyway, the folks at KICI Radio have been busy planning a Benefit & Donor Appreciation Concert. Steve Cook Sound Production teamed up with Jamie and Matt Kearney to organize an evening of live art and music, featuring Wandering PintJames TutsonCedar County Cobras, and Dave Zollo. We wanted to get the news out about KICI Radio and we wanted to publicly thank those individuals and businesses who have already stepped up with their tax-exempt donations and volunteer hours!

I reached out to a few local businesses for sponsorships, but otherwise didn't do much except show up for yesterday's concert and chat with people about community radio from our informational booth.

I was so impressed with the turnout for yesterday's concert. The weather was quite oppressive yesterday. It was hot and humid and muggy and we were treated to a heat index of close to 100 degrees! But we had a steady stream of people at the concert. And those people were so generous! We ended up receiving close to $900 in donations -- most of which came in the form of individual donations in the amount of anywhere from $1 to $20! That money will be extremely helpful towards our goal of purchasing an transmitter/antenna, as well as music licensing fees!

Several months ago, it occurred to me that we could fully fund KICI Radio for an entire year if everyone who liked the page contributed $20 to the station. My experience at yesterday's Benefit & Donor Appreciation Concert completely reinforced that belief!

Please follow this link to KICI Radio's Go Fund Me page and send a few bucks to our radio station. This is a project that I fully believe in. I have contributed my own time, energy, and money. And I really can't wait to get this station going here in Iowa City -- and online via web-streaming.

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