Thursday, July 21, 2016

North Miami: Police Shoot Group Home Therapist // Man Lying on Ground with Arms Clearly in the Air // He was with Autistic Client & Not Armed

The story of yet another police shooting involving an unarmed black man is going viral today. This shooting happened in North Miami, FL. The shooting victim is a behavioral therapist who works for a group home. One of the clients -- a largely non-verbal autistic man -- had left the facility and 48-year-old Charles Kinsey was trying to get his client to return to the group home.

According to the police, somebody called 911 and said that someone had a gun and was suicidal. They rolled up on the scene and began aiming weapons at the pair.

The autistic man was sitting on the road. He was perseverating. He was rocking back and forth and playing with a toy truck. His worker laid on the ground with both of his arms clearly in the air and explained the situation. He explained that the client did not have a gun, but instead a toy truck. He explained that he is a behavioral therapist at a group home.

In response, a police officer fired three shots at the men and ended up striking the therapist in the leg. The two men where then handcuffed and Kinsey was left to bleed out. He was eventually transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital for inpatient treatment.

It's unclear to me if the police charged either Kinsey or his client with any crimes.

North Miami Police have clammed up with details. They have not identified the officer and they have not issued any details outside of saying that the officer is currently placed on paid administrative duties. There was a press conference this morning, but little new was added to their response. Basically, they brought in another county to investigate the shooting.

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