Monday, July 4, 2016

The Stingers and Raya Debut in JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #16!

It's been a while since I've written about IDW's JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS comic book. It's still a great comic book. It's just gotten away from me. The "Dark Jem" story line just wrapped up with Issue #16. Basically, Synergy got infected by some corrupted virus called Silica. Silica was able to brainwash and mind control people using the Holograms' music. Fortunately, the Holograms and the Misfits were able to set aside their differences and save the day!

Not only that, but Pizzazz is back in control of the Misfits!!

But that's not what got me excited about JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS #16! I am so excited because the Stingers were finally introduced to the comic book!!

The Stingers were a new band introduced to the "Jem & the Holograms" cartoon during its third season. Their membership consists of Riot (a sexually charged man who can win over most women), Minx (a flirtatious keyboardist who has a talent for causing trouble), and Rapture (a fantasy-obsessed guitarist who enjoys manipulating others).

I enjoyed Jem and the Holograms. I loved to dislike the Misfits. But I absolutely adored the Stingers!! The Stingers have the Holograms' style and the Misfits' need for chaos -- but with much more finesse! They were the best thing to happen to the cartoon (IMHO), but they unfortunately only had one season to shine.

But it wasn't just the Stingers who made their comic book debuts in Issue #16. We also met Raya in this issue!! Raya was the fifth Hologram. She joined in the cartoon's second season. She was the winner of a talent search who joined the group as their new drummer after Shana decided to switch to guitars.

New Raya // Original Raya
We don't see much of either the Stingers or Maya in this issue. They appeared on the final page of this issue, watching the joint Hologram/Misfits concert. We also got profiles for the four characters towards the end of the issue. There was no actual reference to the Stingers band name. And it's pretty obvious to note that Raya does not look much like her cartoon version. And I can't help wondering about her connection to Rory, Rapture, and Minx.

I can't wait for Issue #17, where these four characters will give more away about their lives and motivations, as well as their relationship to each other!

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I am a huge fan of The Stingers too!! It's nice to see I am not alone!