Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Toronto Gay Pride: Anti-Gay Activists Dress Up as "Gay Zombies" and Pass Out Graphic Anti-Gay Pamphlets

Life Site News reported earlier this week about a group of "gay zombies" that dressed in skintight green outfits and passed out "free condoms" (i.e., anti-gay literature) in the Toronto Gay Pride parade:
Half-a-dozen Christians led by activist Bill Whatcott paid the $100 fee to parade organizers to register "Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association" so that they could move more easily along the parade route to deliver their message.

The group said their goal in participating in the event was twofold: First, to be a prophetic and unambiguous witness against the unfettered celebration of homosexuality, and second, to offer people caught up in the same-sex lifestyle a way out through a call to repent and to turn to Jesus Christ to be saved...

Whatcott said that as a street preacher in other Pride parades he seldom handed out more than a few dozen pamphlets. But this time, dressed as gay zombies, he and his crew managed to hand out thousands of pamphlets.

“I asked them if they wanted ‘Zombie safe sex.’ Everyone loved it. But, if you try to give out a Gospel pamphlet, they swear at you and throw slushies on your forehead. But, give them some wackadoddle thing that looks like a condom, and they really can’t grab it fast enough. I had three thousand out in 20 minutes,” he said.”
The Life Site News website has a link to Whatcott's blog, which links to the pamphlet. The front of the pamphlet features graphic images, including a picture of someone with a severe case of anal warts, a gruesome autopsy image of someone who died of AIDS, and the picture of someone who transitioned from male to female to male again. The back of the pamphlet attacks various Canadian politicians for their support of LGBT people and then wraps up with a Jesus pitch.

On the one hand, it's nice that they weren't screaming a parade-goers with a bullhorn. On the other hand, the pamphlets are nasty.

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