Thursday, July 28, 2016

Trump Greeted by Protesters in Cedar Rapids, IA

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visited nearby Cedar Rapids this evening, which means that tons of people showed up to protest. I was actually invited to join the protest by my son's birth father, but didn't go. But it was interesting to see on Facebook Live.

First off, I saw a lot of people lined up across the street from where Trump's rally was being held. From what I could tell, the crowd was loud but peaceful -- except for a few torn up protest signs.

Later on, I saw some video of Trump speaking in front of the Iowa flag. I'm not 100% certain if he was speaking in Cedar Rapids, or if this was from an earlier rally in Davenport. But Trump was very upset with the anti-Trump rhetoric at this week's DNC.

As opposed to the chaos at last week's RNC, where we were treated to plagerized speeches, chant's for Secretary Clinton's imprisonment and execution by at least two RNC speakers, conflict from Cruz, and an attempt to free delegates from actually having to nominated Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination.

Anyway, Trump was so upset with the DNC at this rally that he had to hold himself back from hitting others.

But some of his supporters showed up at the protest and received ample opportunity to speak out against the protest. For example...

This man wants you to know that he's not a homosexual because he's wearing a multi-colored shirt. He made a big point about this in his interview. He was upset because some of the protest signs say "Love Is Love," but he's not feeling the love. He did note that Trump was pretty upbeat and happy at tonight's Cedar Rapids rally.

Meanwhile, this guy reports that he was entertained at Trump's rally. When asked if he had a message for those who disagree with Trump, he chuckled and replied, "Probably shouldn't be alive!"

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