Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Arcadia, IA: "Hillary for Prison 2016" Float Entertains the Masses at Parade Celebrating Fire Department's 100th Anniversary

Remember the "Hillary for Prison 2016" float that created controversy last weekend in Decorah, IA? Turns out that a less controversial "Hillary for Prison 2016" float traveled through Arcadia, IA, last weekend.

This happened at a parade celebrating the Arcadia Fire Department's 100th anniversary. And how better to celebrate Arcia's fire department than to decorate a four-wheeler with flags and hook it up to a cage with "Hillary for Prison 2016" sign on it? And then to have some guy put on a Hillary Clinton mask and a prison jumpsuit. And then to fill up 400 water balloons and then hand them out for kids to throw at her.

According to the Daily Times Herald, there was mixed reactions to the float -- from cheers and catcalls to moans and groans. The Carrroll County Democrats found the float to be undignified. The Carroll County Republicans denied any connection to the float, but heavily promoted it on Facebook.

Note to Carroll County Democrats or any other Democrats in Iowa, for that matter: Remember these floats. There will be more parades this summer. There will be parades during Labor Day weekend. Feel free to reciprocate with similarly-themed Trump floats. Payback, y'know?

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