Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ARCHIE #11: Move Over Archies...

I had a good time reading ARCHIE #11 earlier this week. It features the creation of two new garage bands to the Archie Comics relaunch. I'm not talking about the Archies or the Pussycats or the Bingos or even the Madhouse Glads. This issue continued the story from last issue, where Mr. Lodge ran what appears to be a successful mayoral campaign against infamous teacher -- and Betty's uncle -- Mr. Collier.

Now half of Riverdale is mad at Veronica and Archie, so they've decided to perform a garage band and win back the adoration of Riverdale High at the upcoming Talent Contest. Except we're not talking about the Archies. We're talking about the Ronnies!

Check out this group. We have Veronica, Cricket, Jughead, Frankie, and Archie. Take that in. I mean, have we even seen Cricket O'Dell yet in the New Riverdale? But she made the cut and became a charter member of the band!

Of course, Betty is angry that her beloved uncle was run out of town. And she's jealous of Archie's new romance. So she creates her own garage band: Betty and the Waves!

I never did figure out how she came up with that band name, but this group consists of Betty, Moose, Dilton, Two-Fisted Toni Topaz, and Sayid. Betty started out playing this huge drum, but eventually shifted to a more traditional tambourine with some gentle nudging by Sayid and Moose.

I'm surprised that neither Reggie, Kevin, or Sheila made the cut with any of these bands.

But I do love to see Dilton strutting his musical stuff in this New Riverdale. First we learn that he's a dancing savant over in JUGHEAD. Now we see that he's a master keyboardist in ARCHIE. Top-notch!

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Erin Begley said...

This was my favorite Archie out of the 11 issues so far. And it's definitely because the art by Thomas Pitilli. I wish he was the artist for Archie.