Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cheryl Blossom Gets a New Pet Monkey in B&V FRIENDS COMICS ANNUAL #249!

I'm so behind with my comic book reviews. I have a pile of comic book digests from Archie Comics sitting beside my computer right now. I'll eventually whip out a few blogs about these. But for now, I'll focus on one that really grabbed my attention: B&V FRIENDS COMICS ANNUAL #249!

This comic book digest featured a new lead story featuring Cheryl Blossom -- and a new monkey! The monkey's name is Oscar and the story's title is "The Monkey's Flaw." This story features story and pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Bob Smith, colors by Glenn Whitmore, and letters by Jack Morelli.

Here is the gist: Cheryl Blossom decided to get a pet monkey, because anyone can get a dog or a cat. Only someone special like Cheryl can get a pet monkey! Of course, Veronica Lodge is seeing red! Or is it green? After all, Veronica is known for her poodles. Maybe she should get her own exotic pet, like a lion or an elephant!

Fortunately, Veronica quickly realizes that monkey's aren't terribly docile pets. Cheryl is upset because Oscar has run away!

They quickly find Oscar -- chowing down on peanuts! This excursion proves one of many peanut runs for Oscar -- much to Cheryl's dismay! Turns out that raising an exotic pet can quickly lose its appeal!

I'm hoping that we get to see more of Oscar in the future -- maybe as a member of the Pet Posse? That would really make my day!