Monday, August 1, 2016

Decorah, IA: "Hillary for Prison 2016" Float Creates Controversy for Nordic Fest

Nordic Fest is an annual celebration of Scandinavian culture that takes place in Decorah, IA. It features everything from live music, to fireworks, to contests, to craft exhibits, to parades.

This weekend's Nordic Fest Parade included some controversy by the inclusion of a float that included the sign "Hillary for Prison 2016" and that pulled a cage.

Parade watchers were very unhappy with the entry and began issuing complaints to parade organizers.

The Nordic Fest Board of Directors issued an official response on Saturday afternoon:
On behalf of the Nordic Fest Board of Directors we would like to thank all of the wonderful contributions to our parade. We also would like to sincerely apologize for one float entry that was in our opinion very offensive and not anything appropriate for the intended spirit of the Fest. This float was not authorized by the Nordic Fest Board of Directors. We understand this is a tactic that is being used at community parades and festivals across the nation and we intend to alert our fellow communities to this issue. We hope you continue to enjoy the Fest and thank you for being a part of our 50th.
Many people complained that the float should not have been allowed in the parade, as certainly should not have been allowed to complete the parade. It reportedly violated a policy against political messages. Which appears to be a dicey policy to me given that I've seen political groups and candidates marching in previous Nordic Fest Parades. Others believe that it was a great float and that people should move on.

Personally, I think that people should remember this next year and practice some turnabout.


Anonymous said...

The first picture is correct. The second is something different. The cage is different as are the wheels. It also appears to be a in different location, not recognizable to me as part of Decorah. I was at the parade, saw this entry, and did not see anyone inside, nor has anyone discussed a person being inside, or the second sign.

Jon said...

That's interesting. I got the second pic off of Facebook, but it's very possible that it's from another parade where this float appeared. From what I can tell, the vehicle had Minnesota plates. Then again, Decorah's right on the border so that's not much of a shocker.

Anonymous said...

I believe the driver of the vehicle is from the Rochester, MN area as a very similar looking vehicle and float crashed a 4th of July event in Stewartville, MN.

Anonymous said...

This was definitely not taken in Decorah, Iowa. They did have one similar, but not the same. Don't you think you should get your facts straight before representing false information on the internet? Oh yeah, you're just trying to make a buck writing a blog.

Jon said...

Take a chill pill, latest Anonymous. The images above were included in the comment section of the Decorah newspaper. I'll adjust it later.

Jon said...

For the record, the float still went through the Nordic Fest route without interference from any Nordic Fest staff or volunteers. It didn't include the Hillary-in-the-cage cosplayer, but the cage was still attached to the vehicle. The parade entry created controversy that continues to be talked about from both sides. And the Nordic Fest BOD did issue a response pretty quickly following the parade.