Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's Three Wishes for BETTY & VERONICA SUMMER ANNUAL #244!

I had some free time so decided to pull out one of my various unread comic book digests. This digest? BETTY AND VERONICA SUMMER ANNUAL #244! I was pretty excited once I started reading the brand new lead story, titled "Sand-Wishes." It featured story & pencils by Dan Parent, inks by Bob Smith, colors by Glenn Whitmore, and letters by Jack Morelli.

"Sand-Wishes" introduced Archie Comics readers to a new magical character: Jennie the Genie! I've often wondered why Archie Comics hasn't created a genie character before. Maybe they have, but I've never seen one.

In this story, Betty and Veronica free Jennie from her bottle and are rewarded with three wishes. Since both girls freed Jennie at once, she agreed to dole out the wishes equitably. Each girl would receive one wish each and then they would be able to collectively make one third wish.

If I found a genie, I would come up with some wonderful wishes. One winning lottery ticket worth $500 million. The perfect body. A world devoid of nuclear and chemical weapons. Global cooling.

But Betty & Veronica have different priorities. Betty wished to become an expert surfer and Veronica wished for a giant yacht. I won't spoil the third joint wish, but it's pretty predictable if you know anything about Betty & Veronica!

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