Monday, August 15, 2016

My Day at the 2016 Marion Psychic & Paranormal Expo

I spent most of yesterday over in nearby Marion, IA, attending the 5th Annual Marion Psychic & Paranormal Expo. It was actually a two-day event, but I wasn't able to attend Saturday due to vacation travel. I'd never been to this paranormal expo before, so made sure that I had my day free to check out this show.

This was the third expo that I've attended (the other two were in Iowa City). I've found that they feature plenty of vendors, including mediums, ghost hunters, Reiki practioners, aura photographers, shamanic healers, and assorted shops specializing in oils, crystals, and other spirituality-themed merchandise. Meanwhile, there is a calendar full of speakers talking about anything paranormal.

The first thing that I did today -- after doing a quick check of the vendors -- was attend a program called 19th Century Seances with Doc Anderson of Readings by Doc. Doc is a psychic medium who knows quite a lot about the origins and history of seances here in America and abroad. In fact, you can hire him to host "spirit theatre" at your home, recreating early seances for parties using the tools and methods of the earliest mediums. Doc's program was scheduled for a half hour, but was written as a two hour program. So it was largely condensed. But it was also a good program and left me wanting more.

I then attended a program called What Is Intuition by Kelly McCarville of Readings by Moonspinner. Kelly is one of the expo's organizers. She describes herself as an empath, clairsentient, claircognizant, and medium. Basically, she's sensitive to others' feeling, she experiences a sense of knowing important information that she normally shouldn't know, and she has the ability to sense certain future events. She teaches classes on helping others to enhance their own sense of intuition. She believes that all of us have some level of psychic or intuitive abilities, but that most of us either stamp down on those feelings or mistake intuition for coincidence.

I then took a break from the speakers to spend some time in the vendors gallery. I bought some bath bombs and then talked myself out of getting some books. (I love buying books, but I have so many at home and need to get through some of them before adding to the pile!!)

I then got a psychic reading by Eric and Bert of 2GuysInTheKnow. They offer paired readings to their customers. I met these guys two years ago at my first Iowa City expo and then got a gallery reading from them last summer (here). They gave me some vocational advise last summer that actually played out. Yesterday's reading was a private reading at their table. I asked them about my vocational future. The gist of their answer was that I'm where I should be, but that I should remain open to new opportunities at work -- even those that don't seem like good opportunities because they will lead to something that I would really enjoy. They also suggested that it might be time for me to investigate a new part-time employment opportunity in addition to my full-time job. Something that scratches my creativity. We talked for a bit about my involvement with an effort to get a community radio station going here in Iowa City -- assuming that we raise the money needed to purchase the rest of our equipment before the end of the year (please donate!!). They felt confidant that we would get KICI Radio on the air in time. I wrapped up by asking them about something that someone said about me last year. I was called a "healer" and that has stuck in my head. I asked them for some clarification. Bert talked with me about how healers can channel healing to help others. Often people use this gift as Reiki practitioners, but Bert also suggested that I'm already using my healing abilities as part of my day job.

I then attended a program called Channeling Angels, Guides & Fairies with Laura Jones AKA Lauracle. She is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She gave a brief description of her abilities and beliefs and then did a gallery-styled program where she gave brief readings for everyone in the room. I was one of the early readings. She said that she could sense butterfly-like wings blossoming from my heart and that I should encourage that.

I then attended the Moon Family Psychic Experience with Chris Moon and Mama Moon. He was one of the featured guests. They are mediums and paranormal investigators who've appeared on shows such as "Paranormal State," "Ghost Adventures," and "Door to the Dead." They do numerous shows at expos and college campuses where they discuss their work -- as well as his Spirit Phone communication device -- and then lead certain attendees on private investigations. They shared their story and family history, as well as various videos and images from some of their earlier programs. People then lined up for a chance to communicate with the dead via his Spirit Phone.

Next, I attended a presentation on the Mason House Inn, which is a haunted B&B located in southern Iowa. The building has been active as a hotel or bed & breakfast since 1846 and is reportedly filled with many ghosts -- including one ghost cat! We learned a bit about the former residents and then saw photographic images of orbs and spirits. Even President Abe Lincoln has been known to visit the Mason House Inn! They offer regular guest bookings, or you can attend special "ghost hunting" events.

After that, I toyed with getting a second reading by another medium that I've gotten to know over the past year but he was busy and I figured that I would see him again in a couple of months at the next Iowa City Metaphysical Expo. So I decided to call it a day and travel back to Iowa City.

Over all, the 5th Annual Psychic and Paranormal Expo was fun and well organized. I understand that the 6th expo is being scheduled for sometime in July 2016. Most likely, I will attend.

It's weird. I started going to these events out of curiosity and a somewhat open mind. Since then, I've attended numerous classes -- both at expos and elsewhere -- and met several practitioners. And I've really grown to enjoy several of these folks! I have no clue where this path is taking me, but I am enjoying the journey.

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