Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Study Questions Origins of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity; Not to Mention the Overall Mental Health of LGBT People

CBN News reported earlier today about a new article in "The New Atlantis" that explored issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. Basically, they questioned the idea that sexual orientation is genetically innate and they questioned the idea of gender identity. They also asserted that we are more mentally ill than others in the general population:
New scientific evidence is refuting the claim that LGBT individuals are born that way. The report comes from researchers at Johns Hopkins University. And they say they aren't taking sides in the debate, but just reporting the evidence. The new report says the formation of sexual identity is complicated, but the evidence indicates environmental factors may play a role. For example, it states that homosexuals are 2-3 times as likely to have been victims of child sexual abuse. The report also concludes that up to 80% of teenage boys that report same-sex attraction no longer have those feelings as adults.
It appears that they pulled information from roughly 200 studies and came up with their data.

Personally, I don't really think it matters if gays are "born that way" or not. If it's moral for me to be gay by nature, then it's okay for me to be gay by choice. And I agree that issues of sexual orientation and gender identity are much more complex than choice vs. nature.

But I'm also dubious about the writers involved with this paper, as well as their conclusions and their motivations. Not to mention this publication itself. I'm really hopeful that someone with more time and interest besides myself sits down and reads the articles that they explored and compared their actual findings versus the conclusions from this article.

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