Friday, August 26, 2016

Pat Robertson: New Age Water Products are Nonsense. Try My "Age-Defying Shakes" Instead!

I was watching today's Bring It On segment on "The 700 Club." Co-host Terry Meeuwsen shared one viewer's question about witchcraft, as well as a question about a new agey water product:
Would you please talk a little bit about witchcraft? I'm trying to understand a little more about why it is so bad in God's eyes. Why are tarot cards bad? Also, there are waters that are made with special ingredients to remove negativity from one's life and bring in love. These waters remove curses or anything bad that has been spoken over a person. Is it okay to use these waters to remove bad energy from ourselves.
Here is Pat Robertson's response:
First of all, that's a lot of nonsense. The waters don't do such things. You can't curse water and so forth. I don't buy that.

Why is witchcraft bad? Because these witches are in touch with demons. Demons are real, folks. They are real. The Devil is real and there are countless -- millions -- of demonic beings in the world. And those involved with witchcraft, tarot cards, the black arts, and all this other stuff are in touch with demonic spirits! And those demonic spirits will lead you to the Devil. The Devil wants to destroy you. He wants to kill and destroy. He hates people because people are made in the image of God. His desire is to destroy as many people as he can and take them to Hell. So that's why that stuff is bad! It opens the door into demonic possession.
Setting aside Pat's statements against witchcraft and tarot cards, I'm focusing on his brief response to the special waters. Pat might be against the water that this viewer mentioned, but he's been known to promote his own crazy products, as as his "Age-Defying Shakes," which have supposedly allowed him to leg-press 1,000 pounds and maintain his vitality.

You can watch the entire segment here.

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